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Who We Are.

J7 - the Group of the 7 leading european JEs

In 2017 seven Junior Enterprises among Europe decided to kick-off a longstanding project that brings each partner closer together and helps developing a real international expertise.
We are driven by a single ambition: to push back the limits of International Business for each Junior-Enterprise in order to spread the network of Juniors throughout Europe.
Junior Seven consist of the JEs:

Company Consulting Team e.V. from Berlin, Germany

ConQuest Consulting from Warsaw, Poland

Escadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil from Toulouse, France

JEME Bocconi Studenti from Milan, Italy

Junior Consulting Louvain from Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Junior Enterprise Genève from Geneva, Switzerland

Westminster Business Consultants from London, England

In 1988 the first of our J7-members were founded. Since then we reached an amazing acummulated results:


Talented Students


Completed projects


Different Clients

Company Consulting Team

The Presidency 2023

The J7 is represented by one of the International Managers from the Junior Enterprises. They together form the J7 Steering Group. During the 2023 Term it’s Lina Falkenberg from Company Consulting Company.

Ricardo Keiling

President & IT-Manager | Company Consulting Team

International Managers 2023

Elia Sanjuan

Vice-President | Junior Entreprise Genève

Elia Cepparo

Business Manager | JEME Bocconi Studenti

Laura Serkina

Co-Communication Manager | Westminster Business Consultants

Adrien Lebon

Internal Manager| Escadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil

Pierre-Loïc de Schaetzen

Communication Manager | Junior Consulting Louvain

Michał Pożoga

Event Manager | ConQuest Consulting

Our Process

Initial Enquiry

You want creative, innovative and profound ideas?

Get in touch with us over the contact formular below. After that, a meeting with you will be initialized. All International Managers will attend and try to help you with your request. We will discuss the next steps together.


After the initial meeting, we will put a project team out of 300 interdisciplinary students together. Each member of the team will fulfill your criteria and own useful skills which will contribute to the success of the project.


Based on the information provided during the initial meeting, our team prepares a far-reaching proposal. The proposal informs you about our approach and methodology. This includes an estimation of costs and time, including all milestones. The proposal will be developed in close cooperation with you, ensuring a real added value for your company.


Our Project Team will carry out the steps as agreed upon. During the project, we welcome close collaboration with you. The Project Leader will inform you regularly about the status quo, upcoming milestones and the overall state of the results.
Over the years the Junior Enterprise students have gotten in touch with lots of great projects and amazing partners. The areas of application were very diverse: from IT over market studies and strategies to process optimizations. Below are few of our references:

Get In Touch With Us

Contact J7
We will come back to you within 24h after your first request

Our Address

Our Email

Place des Doyens 1,
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique

Main Email: im@j-seven.eu
Inquiries: projects@j-seven.eu